Erotic Massage or Traditional Massage?

erotic massage
Mar 24 2018

Erotic Massage or Traditional Massage?

Massage has been around for almost 5000 years. Since ancient times, we have learned to use touch to relieve tension and stress from sore muscles.  Most people are familiar with traditional massage, which has gained popularity in the medical community over the last 50 years. Typically, the masseuse uses their hands and fingers to concentrate pressure on specific areas of the body. A masseuse is able to identify tension and safely relieve stress from your muscles. A massage is a holistic experience that allows you to slow your breathing and experience connection through touch.erotic massage

Erotic massage versus Traditional massage

So what makes and erotic massage so much better? Most of our tension is formed through more than just physical stress. We experience mental, emotional and sexual frustration throughout our day – sometimes that frustration is deep-seeded in our muscles. An erotic massage allows you to fully explore all your senses for whole-body healing. Pleasure is a natural response to touch, and one that we don’t always allow ourselves to embrace. An erotic massage establishes intimacy between the masseuse and the client – this lets you sink deeper into the conscious connection between you and the masseuse. We’re taught to isolate and avoid touch in our daily lives, and this can have long-term consequences for our health and mental wellness.  An erotic massage melts away the illusion of isolation, and creates a powerful connection through touch so you can explore the very limits of pleasure.

A massage is a holistic experience that allows you to slow your breathing and experience connection through touch.

Both erotic and traditional massage are practices that shouldn’t be saved for a special occasion. We like to think every day is a special occasion and you should treat yourself to the very best. Touch and intimacy are key to happiness and personal satisfaction – those aren’t things you should experience only once in a while.

An erotic massage is a liberating experience that lets you explore some of the most ancient parts of the human psyche.  We want to make you feel comfortable, so choose your attendant based on her skill set and your personal preferences. We are confident any one of our beautiful ladies can bring you to a place of total bliss.

Contact Pure Pleasure Spa today and give yourself the gift of pleasure – you deserve it.

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