Couple’s Massage at Pure Pleasure

Pure Pleasure is for couples. Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary or just celebrating each other, nothing is better than a Couple’s Massage at Pure Pleasure Spa.  Discover a new level of pleasure together while experiencing the benefits of the best massage in Toronto.  Skipping town together?  Or coming into the city for a romantic evening?  We are conveniently located near the Pearson International airport.  Let us whisk you two away on a sense journey together.

Couple's Massage


Explore your most intimate fantasies together with either one or two of our talented attendants.  Sensual massage will bring you closer together, as you explore each other’s bodies and connect physically.  Physical touch increases intimacy and brings about a sense of calm and connection.  Massaged inspire a release of oxytocin.  Experts call this the “happy hormone.” It gives you a sense of love and comfort. Give yourselves over to the bliss and celebrate all that is you, together.  Couples leave our North York spa feeling connected to a each other in a whole new way.  This massage is a must-have experience.  Come for a special occasion and discover a tradition you’ll find a reason to repeat every month.

Discover a tradition you’ll find a reason to repeat every month!

Here at Pure Pleasure Spa, there are so many talented ladies to choose from.  Whether you have one or two attendants at your sensual adventure, make this the ultimate fantasy.  We invite you to hand-select the attendant who is going to hand-deliver your perfect massage experience.  Take a look at our ladies and choose you favourite.

We believe pleasure should be shared. We love to see couples bond through this unbelievable experience.  Our attendants will bring you the ultimate sensation whatever you desire.  Our girls are waiting to serve you today.  Call ahead to choose which of our amazing attendants you want to share in this experience.

Make your anniversary or birthday (or Tuesday) one you both will never forget!

Let us show you a new level of intimacy and enjoy your partner’s wilder side.  Our Couple’s Massage is the perfect blend of naughty and nice.  No matter your fantasy, we have the masseuse to turn it into a reality.  Call to book your Couple’s Massage today and discover the sensation of an intimate couple’s massage.

Pure Pleasure Spa is conveniently located at 2300 Finch Ave W, right by Pearson International Airport.  Book your Couple’s Massage today and make your anniversary or birthday (or Tuesday) one you both will never forget.

Massage Times: 45 Min 45 Min – Duo 60 Min 60 Min – Duo