10 Facts you might not know about massage

Jun 11 2017

10 Facts you might not know about massage

  1. There are approximately 5 million touch receptors on the skin. At least 3000 of those are on the tip of your finger. Touch is the earliest sense we develop and the last to leave us. Clearly we were made for touching. Biology has given us some great gifts, but the very best is the power of touch.
  2. 60 minutes of massage have the same effect on your body as 7 or 8 hours of good sleep. Toronto is a busy city and sometimes the just ain’t no rest for the wicked. Undo years of damage from lack of sleep with a holistic massage from a beautiful professional.

    60 minutes of massage = 8 hours of good sleep!

  3. Experts estimate that stress causes 80-90% of disease. Not only does massage relieve stress, it’s a natural immune booster. Studies show that regular massage increases white blood cell count – your body’s natural defence against disease.
    Cheers to your good health.massage
  4. The earliest record of massage was in Ancient Egypt in 2330 BC, where a pictograph shows two men having their feet and hands rubbed. In 460 BC Hippocrates said, “The physician must be experiences in many things, but assuredly in rubbing.”
    Who are we to argue with that kind of ancient wisdom?
  5. Regular Massage is the perfect antidote to all the sitting we do all day long. Pain in the lower back and glutes are tell-tale signs that your back is suffering from postural stress. Luckily, massage can counter-act the stress caused by sitting.
    Keep your desk job and schedule a regular massage at Pure Pleasure.
  6. We already told you about the great immune-boosting benefits of massage. One spot you might not think about is your ears. Gently pull on your ears (not just the lobes – the tops and middle too.)
    Do this at least once a day to improve your immune system.

    Stroking, rubbing and massaging the skin will stimulate the
    “love hormone”

  7. Remember those 5 million touch receptors? Some of those are oxytocin receptors on the skin. Stroking, rubbing and massaging the skin will stimulate this “love hormone.” Oxytocin makes you healthy, calm and clears your mind. For those math lovers out there, studies have found it’s easier to solve tough math problems right after a massage!
  8. Muscles stick together in bundles of all shapes and sizes. The smallest bundle are the 5 muscles in your eyelids. The biggest bundle are the 200 muscles in your glutes. Make sure you take care of your muscles. A full-body massage can relieve tension and improve flexibility, no matter the bundle of muscles.massage
  9. The human body has over 400 pressure points that stimulate different holistic reactions in the body. One of the most important – and most forgotten
    – is the point right between your eyebrows: The Third Eye. In medical terms, it’s called the Pineal gland that releases hormones. When you lightly press on this point for 60 seconds you will feel a sense of calm, freedom from frustration and even relief of head pains.
    Whether you want to tap into some inner wisdom or just tap into a calmer state – stimulating this gland is your ticket to Nirvana.
  10. 80% of people polled said they want to try erotic massage – especially the body slide massage known to experts as Nuru. But, only 10% of people have ever actually tried it. Don’t wait any longer to try the sensation that is the oldest form of health care known to humans. You deserve to experience the benefits of regular massage.

Visit Pure Pleasure Spa or Call to book your appointment. What are you waiting for?

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